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I'm Owain, Software Engineer

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International School Bangkok

41 International Baccalaureate points

University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Economics

High Distinction Average

University of Bath

Master of Economics with Distinction

High Distinction Average


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Python and C

Open source contributions


The New Ark

An interactive sculpture that dynamically generates musical compositions accompanied with synchronized lights, using user input as the seed. Responsible for the programs on the computer (Python) and microcontroller (C/C++) embedded within the sculpture.

Resume Parser

Built a parser that extracts key information from resumes of arbitrary format (doc, docx, png, jpg/jpeg, pdf, tiff, bmp), leveraging optical character recognition (OCR) and the latest developments in large language models (LLMs). This includes Python asynchronous FastAPI (also Flask) web services both on Google Cloud and Azure, Docker containers, Continuous Integration via GitHub Actions and Bash scripts, automated tests, Google Cloud Workflows, SQL, a vector database (Pinecone), implementing a Stripe usage-based payment integration, blob storage (both clouds), Pub/Sub messenging, setting up an API gateway using Google Cloud Endpoints, writing an OpenAPI document, and writing/generating documentation for the API.

Aira Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence Recruitment Assistant. Assisted in creating and indexing vector embeddings onto Pinecone from structured data stored on CosmosDB (NoSQL and relational database) representing jobs posted on job boards. This offers advanced search capabilities, providing implementers of the core chatbot the means to match candidates/users with available jobs.

Personal Projects